21 Galaxy DIYs to try!

As a nerd/trekkie, I love the galaxy trend that is happening! Lots of artists and bloggers have jumped on this trend and posted DIY’s for galaxy themed projects, including me!

Today I wanted to share with you the galaxy themed projects I have posted here on Punk Projects as well as some I’ve found on other blogs. These are all pretty easy and would make a great project for the week/weekend!

DIY Warp Speed Galaxy Shirt

DIY Galaxy Notebook

DIY Galaxy Marquee Art

DIY Galaxy Bottle Cap Magnets

Katie from Running With a Glue Gun also shared this DIY Galaxy Frame here on Punk Projects.

Here are 16 more amazing space themed projects I’ve found-

1st row-
Star Constellation Art
Silver Phases of the Moon
Moon Phase Shirt
Phases of the Moon Banner
2nd row-
Galaxy Chair
Galaxy Face Art
Galaxy Envelopes
Star Trek Space Art
3rd row-
Moon Light
Gold Moon Wall
Moon Clock
Galaxy Moon Shirt
4th row-
Constellation Lamp
Moon and Star Constellation Coasters
Constellation Mouse Pad
Constellation Night Light

Are you as obsessed with galaxies and space as I am?

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