35 Ways To Be Creative

Instead of thinking “I’m only going to spend a couple of minutes surfing pinterest and blogs looking for a neat project before going to my studio to craft” and then spending the next hour pinning things without ever stepping into your studio.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with pinterest, actually I love it and have pinned more then 1800 pins. However I sometimes spend too much time on there. Here are 35 New techniques, Projects and Ideas to stay creative: 

So, let’s start the new year with a bang get off pinterest for just a few minutes and actually work on a project or try a new technique.

1. Try a new technique. Maybe you’re great at sewing, but you need a little inspiration. Try doing something slightly different, like altering a premade hoodie using your fabric stash.

2. Have an outdated dictionary or encyclopedia sitting on your bookshelf? Jump start your creativeness and give the book a new life as an art journal.

3. Add glitter to ordinary object around the house. Everything is more inspiring with glitter.

4. Don’t quite feel inspired enough to work on a big project? Try something small, like doodling or zentangling. Check out TanglePatterns for a ton of patterns to doodle.

5. Get out of the house. Go to a park with your sketch book and write down ideas or sketch what you see.

6.  Play around in photoshop, Adding fun effects to your photos.

7. Try your hand at stamp carving. You can get the supplies at most craft stores.

8. Raid your kids coloring book stash.

9. Get up way early (earlier than normal) and do a small project. You might be surprised how creative you are still half asleep. πŸ˜‰

10. Try Needle Felting. (something I’d like to do.)

11. How about a year long project? Have you ever done Project 365?

12. Or what about Project Life?

13. Try covering one of your walls in Instagram photos.

14. Use up a little bit of your washi tape stash.

15. Visit a museum. A science museum, an art museum. You’re bound to find some inspiration there.

16. Be inspired by a challenge blog.

17. Take an online class.

18. Never tried sewing? Learn a few basic stitches.

19. Or learn some embroidery basics.

20. Be green with a reusable tote. But first, Embellish it.

21. Try your hand at Wood Burning.

22. Turn your handwriting into a font. (Also something I’d like to do)

23. Play with crayons and paint.

24. Art Journal everyday.

25. Play with your sharpies and Make your own “Washi Tape”

26. Submit to a magazine.

27. Join a design team.

28. Go buy the fun-pack of Sharpies. So. Many. Colors. How can you not be inspired by that??

29. Redesign your Blog.

30. Take your camera out for a walk. Photograph things you see.

31. Carry a notebook everywhere. Whenever you have a good idea- write it down!

32. Clean you studio/craft space. It’s not very inspiring to work in a mess.

33. Use some of those pictures you’re always taking on your phone and create a piece of Instasgram art.

34. Make and send a card to your best friend. Get some inspiration on my Cute Card pinterest board.

35. Consider purchasing prompts, like Kam’s 365 ideas for blog posts, scrapbooks and art journal pages.

(I am writing this list as much for me as I am you, as I am guilty as charged for spending too much time looking for inspiration instead of making things.)

What do you do to be creative?

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