Hi there, Welcome to my website! Thanks so much for stopping by. The Studio Katie blog is written and created by Katie Smith.

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About Katie (me!)

I’m Katie. An Artist and Blogger.

Whenever I say I am an artist, people immediately ask me what type of art I do. I’ve always found that hard to answer and usually end up just saying “all kinds.”, Because the truth is that I can’t settle on one creative thing. I love drawing and painting. I scrapbook and art journal. I do DIY projects. I crochet and quilt. How can I round that up all into one answer?

Creativity is my way of life.

In 2018 I discovered oil paints and have fallen in love with them. I still create in many mediums and art forms, however my paintings mean so much to me and I’m excited to be growing more as a fine artist.


My art focuses mainly on my love for nature. I live in the beautiful pacific-northwest of the United States and that definitely influences my work. I create custom paintings and illustrations, and have begun selling prints of my artwork.

In 2017 I started teaching online art classes, learn more about them here

I started my blog in January 2010 so that I could have a place to share my art with my friends and family but it has grown into so much more than I could have imagined and I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey!


More about Katie:

  • I’m a Texan, but have recently moved to Washington state.
  • I’m an introvert. My idea of a wild friday night is chilling at home in my pajamas watching Bob Ross.
  • I’m obsessed with Space. I love painting galaxies, I watch Star Trek often and I dabble in astrophotography.
  • I have 4 pet guinea pigs. They’re constantly begging for more snacks, and usually get some because they’re adorable.
  • Black, unsweetened tea is my go-to drink of choice.


What do I want out of life? I want to live a life doing what I love. I want to create art, travel to interesting places, and have a little studio in the forest. I want to spend my mornings painting, and my afternoons relaxing in my hammock reading a book. I’m most happy in the space where calm lives, so that’s where you’ll find me.

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