About Artist Katie Smith

About Katie (Me!):

Whenever I say I am an artist, people as me what type of art I do. I’ve always found that hard to answer and usually end up just saying “all kinds.”, Because the truth is that I can’t settle on one creative thing. I love drawing and painting. I scrapbook and art journal. I do DIY projects. I crochet and quilt. How can I round that up all into one answer?

Creativity is my way of life.

While I do love all types of creativity, I took up oil painting in 2018, and have fallen seriously in love with the medium and a lot more of my recent work is fine art.

I post my fine art on @Katie_Smith_Art.  I also love working in art journals and do a lot of colorful artwork that walks the line in-between fine art and crafts, which I post on @studio.katie. 

My art focuses mainly on nature. I live in the beautiful pacific-northwest of the United States and that definitely influences my work. I create custom paintings and illustrations, and sell prints and stickers of my artwork in my shop.

I teach online art classes, as well as the occasional in person class.

What do I want out of life? I want to live a life doing what I love. I want to create art, travel to interesting places, and have a little studio in the forest. I want to spend my mornings painting, and my afternoons relaxing in my hammock reading a book. I’m most happy in the space where calm lives, so that’s where you’ll find me.


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Artist Statement:

Katie Smith is an emerging, award-winning, artist. Born & raised in Texas, Katie was homeschooled and spent most of her time sketching on anything she could get her hands on. Katie now lives in Washington State and is heavily inspired by nature and the pacific northwest. Katie is a self taught painter who enjoys experimenting with many mediums, including watercolors, mixed media, and oil paints. She learns as she paints and enjoys the process as much as the finished artwork.

 She hopes to capture emotions and express the beautiful spirit of mother nature in her paintings. Katie’s paintings will transform you into another world through her personal style, vibrant  colors, use of animal themes, and surreal, magical vibes. 

Her artwork has been featured by locals shops, won multiple awards, showcased by galleries, and has been sold around the world.