Back-to-School Reversible Book Bag DIY

How cute would this bag be riding to school in the fall, carrying all your books?
Two complimenting fabrics, each 12″ x 28″
Vintage or well-loved belt or scarf
1. Fold each piece of fabric in half, right sides together, and stitch up the two sides, leaving each top OPEN.
2. Flip one of the fabric pockets right side out, and place inside the other one, so that both pockets have right sides together.

3. Cut off the desired length of belt or scarf for your bag strap. Slip the belt inbetween the two pockets and pin the edges into what will be the top of the bag hem.

4. Pin the top edge and sew around, leaving a 2 1/2″ hole unsewn.

5. Through the unsewn hole, flip the entire bag right-sides out.

6. Sew up remaining hole. Add buttons, bows, or vintage patches!

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