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A Space Zine Collaboration- 2015

A Space Zine Collaboration- 2015

I’ve been working on something fun with a couple of friends of mine lately and I’m super excited to share it with you today!

Two of my art journal friends Vanessa and Julia, whom I met through the art journaling group Get Messy, had created an art journal zine together back in the Spring and it turned out amazing!

Somehow we got talking about the subject of outer space and decided to do a second zine, but this time I got to collaborate with them, which is super exciting!


As you all know I love anything space related. The stars are so dreamy, aren’t they? So of course I was all into this.

Vanessa made the base of this zine. She created her pages, passed it along to Julia to add her touch and then I got the last few pages to have fun with!

Isn’t the cover so lovely?

I’ve actually been traveling all Summer, so I didn’t even have many art supplies with me when making this, but I just couldn’t say no.

So what I used on all of these pages are some Micron pens (my fave!), some cheap watercolors, and a little black and white acrylic paint. Here’s my pages, I’m so happy with how they turned out.

For the page above, I painted the galaxy scene with watercolors and then added the song lyrics (by Owl City) on top.

During my stay in Colorado this Summer I was awed by the night skies there and took lots and lots of photos. I decided to print out one of my photos and use it on the page above. Sadly, there is actually a mistake on this page, I meant to write “looking at the stars makes me feel brave” rather than just “me feel brave”, but whatever.

You can see the original photo I started out with below. I printed it out black and white before putting it in the journal.

For the next double spread page (above) I wanted a way to feature all of the quotes about space that I just love and find so inspiring, and with all of the news about the New Horizons probe and new images of Pluto, I decided to paint some planets. That middle planet is my best pluto.

And the last page is inspired by my Sister, Taylor. She lives in Phoenix, AZ, so she suggested I do something with cactus. Why not a night sky with saguaros than? I also love this quote.

Once completed we sent the zine to Caylee as a surprise. Caylee is one of the founders of Get Messy Art Journal, and we felt she should have this.

I loved doing this! We’re actually planning something else for the future as well! 🙂

What theme would you like to make a zine about?

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