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Adventures in Pine Needle Basketry

Adventures in Pine Needle Basketry

Every year I go and visit family in Colorado, and it has become a place that I LOVE and feel at home at. The mountains, the wildlife, the time I get to spend with my family, I just love it there.

During one of my very first trips there, my Aunt taught me how to make pine needle baskets! She has a couple of ponderosa pines on the mountain so that’s where we collected the needles from.

So far, I’ve made 4 baskets and learned a lot making those! My first basket definitely isn’t perfect because it took me a little while to figure out how to keep the stitches tight. Here are my baskets, in order of when I made them (starting with my first):

This green basket is perfect for holding tiny embellishments!

The basket below I created for Taylor. We picked up the beads while we were in Sedona, AZ they were perfect for the southwest inspired theme of the basket.

This basket is my most recent and one I tried something fun on- I dyed the needles before I made the basket! I just used RIT liquid dye in fushia to end up with this nice auburn color. I picked up those arrow shaped needles at Michaels.

Because the arrows remind me of a breeze, I’m calling this one “Mountain Breeze”. I haven’t named any of the others yet though.


Have you tried making pine needle baskets? They take a little bit of time, but I love working on them while watching movies or tv (star trek episodes!).

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