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Get Messy Thursday- Season of Magic week 3

Get Messy Thursday- Season of Magic week 3

Since it is Thursday, I am sharing a peek into my art journal. This is the Season of Magic in the Get Messy Art Journal community, so my pages are inspired by that.


This weeks prompts over on Get Messy had a map theme, which since I’ve always loved maps I found these super inspiring.

I sketched this girl out onto a map (of Washington), cut her out and adhered her into my journal (an altered copy of Mockingjay) using matte medium. She is sort of a self portrait, I”m not sure if she looks like me or not, but I guess in the fact that she’s a girl with long hair in a pony tail that she atleast somewhat resembles me.

I saw the quote on pinterest and it really connected with me this week, so into the art journal it goes.

On this next page I have another self portrait, only this time it’s an actual photo that I printed onto a galaxy, because I think space is magical.

To get the galaxy/face look, I printed out a galaxy (All of the images taken by the Hubble telescope are public domain), and then loaded that paper back into the printer, and printed out a black and white photo on top of it.

btw, this is what the normal day in my head is like.

Also, here is another page I made back in October (and failed to share) with the same quote as above. I haven’t read any of John Green’s books, but he has some fabulous quotes.

And lastly, I have a Christmas themed page for you, because after all, it is the Season of Magic.


Reindeer are the unicorns of Christmas. This page combines a couple of different gelli printed papers, a bit of paint and a fabulous reindeer sticker.

How has your December been going so far? Have you realized that there are only 22 days until Christmas??

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