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Podcast Interviews

Podcast Interviews

(this blog post has been updated as of 2023)

As I am restarting my blog here on my new website, I wanted to take a minute to round up some of the podcasts that I've been on over the years.

But first, are you ready for a fact about me? 

>> I rarely listen to podcasts. 

I know, I know. I have nothing against podcasts, I'm just the type of person who just prefers to listen to music while she works.

That said, I do have a small handful of podcasts that I do listen to, some of those that are on this list of podcasts that I have actually been interviewed on.


If you are a podcast listener, then I'm going to highly recommend the podcasts below, not only because I got the chance to talk with them, but because they are all so inspiring.

You ready?

Here are some of my favorite podcasts that I have been on:


Brave Enough to Try, Turning Your Passion into Profit

In this episode I get to chat with Cindy about how to turn passion into profit. We talk about different income streams, and how to diversify your profits, to create a sustainable business that you love.

How She Creates, Ep 017, Collaboration

In this episode some friends of mine and I chatted with Caylee all about a collaborative project we were doing called The Zine Squad.  Creating collaborative art forces you to let go of your own perfectionism, trust your fellow artists and find your value is so much more when added up together.


Crafty Ass Female, Ep 37, Becoming the Artist She Is

In this Episode I chat with Kristin and Amanda about anything and everything creative and my path to becoming a full time artist


Now tell me in the comments what your favorite creative/artsy podcasts are and maybe I'll give them a listen instead of just listening to music today!

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