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The Magical Gnome Forest Mural - 2015

The Magical Gnome Forest Mural - 2015

Update- I originally posted/painted this in 2015 and I'm amazed at how my art has evolved since then, but I still love this magical little mural.


Hey guys, so I am still unpacking my studio after our cross-country move but I wanted to share something really exciting that I did back in May- I painted my first mural!

My Aunt (who own an earth ship and lives in Colorado) asked me to paint a mural along the stairway to her root cellar. She is a lover of fantasy so it is a magical gnome forest mural, with fairies, gnomes & more! Of course because I never doing anything too simple it is pretty detailed for being in such a small space.

Get ready for a photo overload-

I really tried to personalize this mural for my Aunt and Uncle. Here are a few fun details:

  1. What’s up with the weenie dogs? They only have one dachshund now, but they had 3 so I wanted to add a couple of weenie dogs in the mural.

  2. The mountains are the Spanish Peaks in southern Colorado. You can see them from the front yard of their house- it’s amazing and I wanted to include them.

  3. I added bees because my Aunt and Uncle keep bees.

  4. My Aunt (and me!) is a tea lover, so of course I added a gnome drinking tea.

This mural took me about 2 weeks to complete, working on it a little bit every day, trying not to get sun burnt at 7500 ft elevation!

Here are some in progress shots:

What paints did I use? Red, Yellow Green, Blue, and Pink acrylic paints and also Black and White. That’s it! I love mixing my own colors. We did seal it after it was completely done too.

I’m really really thrilled with how my first mural came out and I would love to do more in the future!

What do you think?

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