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Vitamin Sea- A Zine Collaboration

Vitamin Sea- A Zine Collaboration

Two of my art journal friends Vanessa and Julia (whom I met through the art journaling group Get Messy) and I created a Space themed zine back in August. We ended up giving the zine to one of the Get Messy founders, Caylee.

Well, this past month we’ve created a second zine, this time with an underwater theme to gift to the other talented lady behind the Get Messy Community- Lauren. We even got two more art journaling friends to join in on the fun, Rebecca and Kate!


Here are my pages-

Like the last zine, I did this one while I was still traveling. Which meant limited supplies! I used some cheap kids watercolors, micron pens, and about 6-8 acrylic paints I stole from my sister. 🙂

For this mermaid page, I was inspired by a mermaid drawing I had seen on pinterest, and I love the way she turned out! The mermaid is mostly acrylic paints (I did a lot of mixing colors!), and the background is watercolors.


For this next page, I wanted it to look like a bunch of framed pieces of art. Do you think it worked? I doodled it all with a micron pen, and then went back in with watercolors.


This last page is my favorite of them all! Why? Because, you know.. It has a galaxy! I tried really hard to keep my pages all sea themed, but I love space so much, a moon just slipped right in there.

I printed the moon out and glued it in, then went a bit crazy with paints! 😉


Here is the back inside of the zine, where we signed our names-


Gifting zines is so much fun!

Vanessa built the base of this one, mailing it to me, and then I sent I sent it across the seas to the UK so that Rebecca, Kate and Julia could work in it!

You can also see the complete zine on instagram here.


What would you do as a theme for an art journal?

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