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Woodland Animal Inspired Pine Needle Baskets

Woodland Animal Inspired Pine Needle Baskets

Making pine needles baskets is a fun new hobby of mine, I like to work on them while I’m watching a Star Trek episode, or just chilling out. It’s relaxing.

I shared my first 4 baskets here on the blog already, but I just finished both of these and I wanted to share them as well.

It wasn’t planned, but they both ended up being inspired by woodland animals. I created the center for the first basket from clay and as I was deciding what to put on it, my obsession with foxes just sort of took over. Same with the owl.

A friend actually wanted to purchase a custom basket, and she told me to just “surprise her” when it came to colors, design, etc.

I decided to use a hand painted leather center and as I picked up my paintbrush I just decided it wanted to be an owl. I found the beads in my stash and liked the way they looked so I added them on as well.

I’ve only made a total of 6 baskets so far since I started making these but I’ve learned so much! I learned how to make handles, which I added onto both of these baskets.

Have you ever tried making pine needle baskets?

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