Bride and Groom Felt Dolls

This post is part of our wedding diy series She Said Yes!  This year, Punk Projects will be venturing into the glitzy and flower-filled world of wedding diys and tutorials. Taylor,  Katie’s sister, and occasional contributor to the blog is getting married this year, so we are teaming up to DIY her wedding and bring you amazing tutorials along the way!
Taylor requested that I make some dolls for her flower girl to play with and enjoy, and I loved the idea! So I grabbed my felt stash and a sketchbook to workout what I wanted to do. 
This isn’t a full tutorial, as there were a lot of felt pieces involved that I didn’t want to take pictures of (#lazyblogger). But I will explain my process for you in case you want to make your own for your wedding!
I loved the “sleepy eyes” of these Plush Mermaids that Elsie from ABM made, so as I was sketching out my dolls I knew that’s how I wanted to do their faces. I did change them a little, instead of embroidered eyes, I cut out felt eyelashes to stitch on, as well as giving them mouths.
These dolls are pretty good sized. Think teddy bear sized, maybe 2′ tall? So if you’re making these, you’ll need about 1/2 a yard of the skin colored felt.
I cut out 2 little human shapes (for each doll) from the felt, and then stitched on the clothing and features before sewing the 2 pieces together and stuffing it. 
For the bride, I also added on a 3d wedding dress. Basically, I stitched her up a skirt and then sewed it around her body, and also added a bit of lace to it for embellishment.
For the hair, I used yarn and made little wigs by stitching the yarn together with my sewing machine and then hand sewing it in place on the dolls heads.
Styling hair is hard work, you guys! I mean, not really, but making sure there aren’t any bald spots is! Ha.
For the bride I also braided sections of her hair.
These were actually really easy overall, just a bit time consuming. I hope the little flower girl likes playing with them!
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