Camera Strap Lens Cap Pouch DIY

Want to know the reason I made this little pouch? The other morning I started to freak out because I misplaced my lens cap!? So, as soon I found it I decided I needed a place to store it. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Supplies: 2 Fabrics- main fabric and lining. Bias Tape, Velcro, Batting. Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread.
Sketch out your pattern, or Download and cut out my Pattern here.
(You may have to resize the pattern depending on the size of your lens.)
1. Cut out your pieces. You need 2 pouch pieces from both of the fabrics and the batting. You also need 1 flap piece from both of the fabrics.
2. Sandwich your batting between the main fabric pouch piece and the lining, and quilt it. Repeat with your other pouch pieces.
3. Cut a 4″x2″ piece from your main fabric. Fold in half -right sides together- and sew down the side.
4. Flip right side out and iron flat.
5. Place your camera strap vertically on top of one of your pouch pieces. (whichever one you wan tto be the back. Place the 4″ fabric strip on top of it, pinning it down on each side of the strap.
6. Slide the camera strap out and stitch down the 4″ strip where the pins are.
6. Set this piece aside for now. Taking your lining flap piece and your front pouch piece, stick/sew down your velcro about 1/2″ from the edge.
7. Take your 2 flap pieces and place the right sides together. Sew around the edges, leaving the top edge open. Flip right side out.
8. Cut a 4″ piece of bias tape, and sew it to the top edge of your front pouch piece.
9.  Now taking your back pouch piece and your flap, place the flap on top of the pouch (with the main fabrics touching- lining out.) and stitch the top edge.
10. Place your front piece down on top of your back piece and sew down the sides and bottom.
11. Flip right side out, and slide onto your camera strap!

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