Candy Corn Scissor Holder

This is a fun tutorial to decorate your craft room with a little bit of Autumn Love!
This little candy corn cozy is perfect for a pair of scissors.


Felt or Fabric in orange, yellow and white
22-26″ of ribbon
Sewing Machine and/or needle and thread
1. Sketch out your pattern, It’s a rounded triangle shape. Trace around it on orange once for the backing.
2. Cut about a 2 1/2″ wide strip from each color.
3. Sew the strips together in the order of orange, yellow, white. (Or be special and do it your own way)

4. Lay the candy corn pattern of the sewn stripes and cut out the shape. Put right sides of front and back pieces together and sew up the sides and tip of the candy corn, leaving the wide end OPEN.

5. Attach ribbon to each corner of the top (the wide end) and cut ribbon in half. Fold Candy Corn right side out, and fill with your scissors, hang in your craft area!

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