Cozy Fall Poncho

Poncho’s are so comfy and warm, Here’s one that Taylor and I made for a tutorial!
Vintage enamel pin (optional)
2 coordinating fabrics, 1 yard of each (I love vintage polyester)
Sewing machine and/or needle and thread
Scissors or rotary cutter
1. Cut an 18″ x 12″ piece out of one of the fabrics, and two 18″ x 24″ rectangles out of the other fabric.

2. Stitch the two 18″ x 24″ pieces together at the top (the short end).

3. fold the right sides of the 18″ x 12″ pieces in half, creating an 18″ x 6″ rectangle.
Pin one of the 18″ sides of the smaller piece to the bottom of one of the 24″ sides of the larger rectangle, right sides together. Sew this seam, and repeat on opposite side.
4. Hem the top and bottom edges of the poncho, I used a decorative stitch on my machine.

5. Finish by pinning on a vintage pin!

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  • ?? #2 Do you sew the right sides together on the 18 x 24; #3 you fold the 18 x 12 in half right sides together creating an 18 x 6, then how do you sew the right side of the 18 x 6 to the 18 x 24.
    Would love to make this, I love ponchos but I am confused

    • Yeah, I was also confused on this step. You have to fold the 18×12 in half-right sides together; place that inside the 18×24 piece- matching raw edges; pin; sew,; turn right side out, then you are done. The only issue was, the opening to the head was quite small, my next one, I will make the 18×24 piece longer, but then again I didn't use a stretch fabric the first time around, I used wool. Other than that- PERFECT!

  • Helen, let me see if I can answer that for you…look at the picture closely. The grey fabric on the right side (as you look at the picture) shows one of the long rectangles draped across her body to the shoulder…where on the other side of that shoulder, is the second long rectangle…same fabric…sewn short end to short end of the grey fabric. All you have done is sewn the two pieces of the grey fabric together to make like one long piece that is now wrapped around that shoulder. If you did not sew the plaid fabric on, you would just have a piece of fabric draped toga style around the woman. now look at the left shoulder. The plaid piece…it's been sewn right sides to right sides on to the grey piece. One end of the plaid (the long edge) is sewn to the front grey rectangle and the other end of the plaid's long side is sewn to the back grey rectangle. The smaller fabric (plaid one) is not sewn to itself in any way. One is connected to the front grey piece, and the other long end of the plaid is sewn to the back grey piece. It makes like a funny V shape where your head goes! Just go back and study the picture. I'm sure you will figure it out.

  • Great pattern! Yours looks cool, but I think I'm going to make one in ripstop nylon for myself, to help keep the rain off when I run. Thanks for writing up this tutorial!