Product Review: Totally Tiffany Embossing Station

Do you ever do much heat embossing?

Totally Tiffany sent me their brand new Heat Embossing Station to try out and review, so today I wanted to share with y’all my thoughts about it & the little project I made to try it out!

According to FTC regulations, I must disclose to you that I did receive free product in exchange for this post, however all opinions are my own. 🙂

First let me tell you a little bit about this product (blurb taken from the Totally Tiffany website):

Using your embossing heat tool can be cumbersome, awkward, and dangerous when you’re trying to hold everything in your hands. You need a heat tool caddy! With the Desk Maid Embossing Station from Totally-Tiffany, your hands are free to hold your project at the exact angle and distance. This sturdy holder will keep your heat tool steady while you work. Clip your project onto the separate paddle while you’re embossing, then set it in the angled slots to cool while you work on the next one. There’s even a pocket to hold your anti-static tool so it’s always where you need it.

Designed to fit most craft heat tools, this embossing heat tool caddy also comes with a removable sizing ring for smaller-tipped tools.

The Embossing Station includes:

  • Stand for craft heat tools
  • Removable sizing ring for different size tool applications
  • Convenient storage pocket
  • Cooling/drying rack
  • Project paddle with removable clip
  • Compact storage slots for paddle and tool cord

Dimensions: 11″ tall x 4″ wide x 9″ long (28cm x 10cm x 23cm)

Do you love to heat emboss? Read my review of Totally Tiffany's Heat Embossing Station on my blog, @studiokatie

When I opened up the box, the stand was already completely put together, so I didn’t have to worry about that.

The Embossing Station is designed to fit most heat guns, but it also comes with a sizing ring adapter for smaller tools. mine is by The Paper Studio and was a bit too loose in the stand so I did end up using the sizing ring (which you can see in the photo below). Which worked great, I just attached it with a bit of Tombow Xtreme Putty.

Do you love to heat emboss? Read my review of Totally Tiffany's Heat Embossing Station on my blog, @studiokatie

I do a lot of heat embossing on my handmade cards (which is, oddly enough, something I don’t post about too often), but I am so bad about getting the heat gun too close to my fingers & burning them. Ouch. So I’m glad this product came with the paddle! It also came with a large clip to hold you project to the paddle with. I love the clip, but I wish there had been 2, for both sides of the paddle.

Do you love to heat emboss? Read my review of Totally Tiffany's Heat Embossing Station on my blog, @studiokatie

To test out the Embossing Station I decided to make a couple of cute embossed notebooks!

Here’s an easy diy:

  1. Stamp your notebook covers with your pattern using embossing ink.
  2.  Pour your embossing powder on top, then knock off the excess powder.
  3. Clip your notebook to the project paddle, & hold it underneath the heat gun until you see the embossing powder completely melt, moving it around a bit so that the heat isn’t focused on 1 area for too long.

The stand also includes angled slots on the back to hold your project before/after embossing. My notebooks were a bit too thick to slide in there, but I imagine it will be super handy when I’m making a bunch of cards at the same time, rather than having them spread out everywhere.

It also has a little tool pocket on the inside of the stand. I stuck my Tombow Blending pen in there that I use for embossing.

Do you love to heat emboss? Read my review of Totally Tiffany's Heat Embossing Station on my blog, @studiokatie

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You can find the Embossing Station available for purchase here, and learn more about it here on the Totally Tiffany website.

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(This post is sponsored by Totally Tiffany, however all opinions are my own.)

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