Folded Mini Album DIY

I love creating mini albums and not only is this folded mini album is so easy to make, it turns out super cute! 

 Supplies: Cardstock and Patterned Paper, Embellishments, Adhesive

1. Cut 2 4×4″ squares from patterned paper and cut 4 4×5″ pieces from cardstock.

2. Make a 1″ fold on 1 side of each of your cardstock squares.

 3. Take 1 of your 4×4″ squares and glue the 1″ fold of a cardstock square to the edge.

 4. Repeat with the remaining cardstock pieces.

 5. Glue your other 4×4″ square in the middle to hide the cardstock edges.

6. Decorate! You can add pictures to all the flaps, or just the middle one (like I did.) Just however you like to embellish it.
To hold it shut, I stapled some twine to the front flap and just wrap it around a couple of times! So easy!

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