My Sketchbook Portfolio

Hey friends! One feature of my new website that I’m pretty excited about is the gallery/portfolio! On my previous blog I didn’t have one, and I never really shared much of my artwork and sketches in my blog, but I want to change that!

So, if you haven’t already seen them, I wanted to let you know that I have a section in my gallery with my sketchbooks. I’ve kept many many sketchbooks over the years, so I’m only showing you the most recent, as I feel it’s only in the couple of years that my art has really grown into what it is.

Check out my sketchbooks here.

Katie Smith Sketchbook 03 @studio.katie
Sketchbook 03
Katie Smith Sketchbook 02 @studio.katie
Sketchbook 02
Katie Smith Sketchbook 01 @studio.katie
Sketchbook 01

I love having my sketchbooks in one place here, as I can see how my artwork has changed and I think it’s really neat to see how I’ve progresses as an artist. Do you keep a sketchbook?

I hand bound all 3 of these with watercolor paper and chipboard covers.


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