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Hey, My name is Katie!

I am a multi-passionate artist fueled by a deep love for nature's incredible beauty and boundless creativity.

Nature has always had a way of capturing my heart and inspiring my artistic endeavors.

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aes·thete (noun): Someone with a deep sensitivity to the beauties of art and nature.


hot tea




books that transport me to new worlds

the mysteries of outer space

I'm all about finding beauty in the little things. As an aesthete, I seek to capture those fleeting moments and share them through my art. I want my creations to spark wonder and invite you to pause, reflect, and connect with the world in a deeper way.

Artist statement

Katie Smith is an award-winning artist inspired by nature and the world around her.

Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing beauty of the natural world and its countless wonders, Katie's artistic journey is marked by a deep connection to nature and a desire to express its essence through her creations.

As a self-taught painter, Katie embraces various mediums, including watercolors, mixed media, and oil paints, to bring her visions to life on canvas. Her fine art pieces are imbued with vibrant colors, delicate details, and an ethereal atmosphere that transports viewers into captivating realms of imagination and awe.

In addition to her fine art, Katie channels her artistic talent into creating vinyl stickers designed specifically for fellow nature enthusiasts. These stickers showcase her unique style, featuring beautiful animals, magical elements, and travel inspired quotes. These stickers serve as portable pieces of art, allowing nature lovers to carry a piece of Katie's captivating world wherever they go.

Katie's artwork has been featured in local shops, earned people's choice awards, and graced the walls of collectors around the globe.

With each brushstroke, Katie invites viewers to experience the enchantment and serenity of nature. Her dedication to creating art reflects her commitment to sharing the beauty she finds in the world, while fostering a sense of connection for the environment we inhabit.


Brand Collabs:


Walnut Hollow


Gaston Luga

Art Shows:

February-May 2020, Dual Show,

Maple Valley Creative Arts Center

Maple Valley Art Walk, 2018-2021


Studio Sisters Podcast (co-host 2021-2023)

Crafty Ass Female: Ep. 173, June 2021

Crafty Ass Female: Ep. 37, July 2018

How She Creates: Ep 17, January 2017


Art Journaling Magazine Winter 2019

Brush Mag Issue 2

Brush Mag Issue 1

Stitch Craft Create Spring 2013 Issue

Creating Keepsakes Jan/Feb 2013 Online Content

Creating Keepsakes July/Aug 2012 Issue

Creating Keepsakes July/Aug 2011 Issue

Creating Keepsakes Mixed Media Special Issue

Star Trek Crafts

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