Pumpkin Decorating DIY

Here are two cute innovative ways to bling out your pumpkins without ever picking up a knife!

Fabric or felt
Scrapbook rub-ons
How to apply Rub-ons to a Pumpkin
1. Select and cut out your various spooky and fall themed rub-ons.
2. Use a rub-on stick, or popsicle stick, and slowly transfer the design onto the pumpkin. It’s very important that you hold the transfer still or it will tear. (Unless, of course, it’s your goal to tear and distress it)
3. Peel away the transfer paper and enjoy your super cute pumpkin!

How to make a Pumpkin Cozy

1. Start with a square of fabric or felt about 4 inches larger all around your pumpkin(or more if your pumpkin is very tall).

2. Cut the fabric into a circle, maintaining as much of the 4 inches as you can.
3. Pin and sew a drawstring.
4. Thread a ribbon through the drawstring and gather around your pumpkin!

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