Pumpkin Recipe Pouch DIY

 I know pretty much everyone is blogging pumpkin recipes and goodies this time of year, but I hope you aren’t tired of the pumpkin craze yet because here’s a (not so secret) secret: I love Pumpkin. love. it.
If it were up to me, places like starbucks should serve pumpkin yummies all year round.

But since they don’t, I usually bake pumpkin cookies whenever I want. (not just Autumn.) My mom gave me the idea to make a recipe book that is filled with only pumpkin recipes! Although instead of a book, I made a felt pouch to hold recipe cards. Here’s how:

1. Cut 4″x6″ recipe cards from cardstock. You can do however many you like.
2.  Cut 2 pieces of felt that are 5″x7″ or 1 piece of felt that is 5″x14″ and fold it in half.
3. Decorate your felt pieces and sew them together sewing down the sides and bottom.
4. Cut 3.5″x5.5″ pieces of cream colored paper and adhere them to your recipe cards. Write out your recipe and add a washi tape tab to your cards so that it is easier to pull them out of the pouch.

I doodled the little piece of pumpkin pie, and hand embroidered him onto my pouch.

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