Scrapbook Summer *4th of July style!*

With tomorrow being the 4th of July, I wanted to do a special scrapbook summer post! So, enjoy–
On this layout I made “fireworks” using mists! here’s a fun DIY to show you how..
Supplies: scrap paper, craft knife, mists, misc scrapbooking embellishments
1. Start by cutting out a firework stencil. This is easy enough since it’s really just abunch of ‘teardrop’ shapes in a circle.

2. Lay your stencil onto your background paper and spray your mist over it. (You could also water down some paint and use a spray bottle if you don’t have any mists)
3.Try using different colors!
I also decided to embellish my fireworks by adding a bit of bling to the middle..
BTW, you can also make your own scrapbooking mists- there are alot of tutorials out there, Just google it!

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