Scrapbook Summer- Altering a picture using fabric

Taylor (my lovely sister) came up with this fun idea- Altering your pictures using fabric..
Tools and Supplies:
Lightbox or you can just use a window
Glue stick
Sewing Machine (optional)
1. Put your picture either on a lightbox or tape it to a window.
Lay a sheet of white paper of tracing paper ontop and trace the area you want to cover with fabric.
(Covering clothes with fabric is a fun technique)
2. Cut out your shapes and make sure they fit..
3. Now using your paper cutouts as a pattern, Cut out your shapes in fabric.
4. Now you can either glue them on, Or add more texture by sewing them on.
Taylor did that layout, But I wanted to play around with this technique too. Here’s my layout:
What do you think? Do you like to add fabric to you layouts/pictures?

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