Scrapbook Summer- Magazine Cutouts

I guest posted on Cath’s blog the other day with this neat Scrapbooking technique, and I just thought I would share it here too!
When I think of cutting things out of a magazine, I usually think of making collages- However you can also use magazine cutouts as scrapbook embellishments!
Paper, Picture, Magazine, Misc Embellishments
1. Find a cute page in a magazine that you think would go with your scrapbook layout- I found a page full of these AH-mazing cameras (I think it was in an Urban Outfitters catalog)
Although it doesn’t have to be shapes- You could trying cutting out different words you like. 😉
2. Cut out the shapes/words you want.
and use them in place of scrapbook stickers!
I didn’t really have any scrapbooking embellishments that I thought just really went with this page, But these cameras are perfect!  
What do you think?  Is this a technique you use?

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