Styling a Composition Book with Mou Saha

everyone, Mou Saha here from
Creating Keepsakes magazine. Summer’s
almost over and it’s time to go back to school! My daughter’s 9 and going to 5th
grade this year. She is into art journaling in her own way. So I thought I’ll
style an extra composition book for her to do her own thing. Let me show you
with a plain regular composition book like this one.
a sanding block or sand paper to tone down the glossy surface while giving the
covers some tooth to grab the adhesive in the next step.
this on both the front and back covers.
the dust off with a towel to get the book ready for the next step. I used gel
medium to layer some old book paper and library receipt on the cover.
it’s dry, turn the book over and trim off the excess papers using a sharp craft
knife. Repeat on the back cover.
now comes the most fun part of this project! Gather washi tapes, paper tapes,
sticker borders, etc.…my daughter’s favorite color is blue, so I picked blues
and greens with touches of white, black, and red.
attaching strips of washi tapes starting near the spine. Wrap the tape around
at the top and bottom for a neater finish and to avoid lifting off later.
adding tapes till you have reached the right edge of the composition book. If
you are wondering why I went through the trouble of sanding and layering the
book papers, let me explain… washi tapes are not thoroughly opaque—you can see
what’s underneath. The black stripes of the notebook cover would have made the
tapes look darker and streaky. Plus, I wanted the book papers to peek through
just a bit to make it look more interesting.
draw a label on cardstock and cut it out with scissors. Attach it to the front
cover and seal the whole surface with a light quote of gel medium. You can
still write on the label with a Sharpie.
I take your leave, let me share some info about my upcoming Mixed Media
workshop at CKU.

Class Description:
Get your art on mixed media style as you collage together two scrapbook layouts
while learning to use some of the hottest and trendiest products in the
industry. Come and explore techniques using gelatos, canvas postcards , spray
mists, modeling paste, dress patterns, chipboard, stencils, watercolor pencils,
and more. You’ll leave with enriched artistic technique skills that you can
apply at home to your scrapbook layouts and other creative projects. Featuring
latest products from Faber-Castell Design Memory Crafts, 7 Gypsies, Canvas
Corp, Studio Calico, and The Crafters Workshop. See you in class!
Class length: 1.50 hours
San Jose, CA – September 6-8, 2012

Dallas, TX – October 11-13, 2012

Stamford CT- November 1-3, 2012

You can find the class
details here

Registration is now open for all three events.

You can find more helpful information here.
-Thanks, Mou, for doing a wonderful guest post on my blog! I love the look of this altered composition book, I’m sure your daughter will love it! -Katie

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