Traveling- An Art Journal Prompt from Lisa

Today’s post is brought to you by Lisa, Be sure to hop over to her blog and be inspired!
Hello! Today, I am sharing one of my art journal prompts. This one
focuses on traveling. Pick one of your most recent travels and create a journal
entry based on where you went! If you haven’t been anywhere really recently,
pick your favorite trip of all time or maybe highlight your hometown! Over the
4th of July weekend, me and my boyfriend took a little trip to Madison, WI.
I used part of a map of Wisconsin and decorated it with a pencil drawing of
the capitol building, some cheese (mmmm……cheese) and a cutout from a
postcard I got from an art exhibit we went to. The art exhibit was really
strange and just, I don’t know, bad. But we still had a lot of fun talking
about it and making inside jokes.
It was definitely a fun weekend. Thank you Katie for giving me the
opportunity to be a guest on your blog!
love, lisa.  

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