Upcycled Gift Card Mini Album DIY

Do you have tons of empty gift cards that you were given? Or maybe you collected them once, but now they just sit in a pile somewhere? This mini album is a great use for them!
Supplies: Old Gift Cards, Hole Punch (I used a crop-o-dile), Pretty Papers, Pictures, Scissors, Twine or Ribbon.
1. Punch a hole a corner of all your gift cards.
2. Cover the backs with either pretty scrapbooking papers, or small pictures. (or both!
3. Repunch the holes through the papers.
4. To bind it, just thread your twine or ribbon through the holes on your gift cards and then just tie it closed!
You could decorate the front if you want. I liked the LOVE giftcard, so I left it blank.
I think these would make a fun gift for someone. You could add pictures of them + you onto the backs of the gift cards, you could also add in some journaling.

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