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An Elements Art Journal Zine

An Elements Art Journal Zine

Today I have another art journal zine to share, I love doing these! It’s fun to have a miniature art journal done in one theme. You can find the previous zines I’ve participated in my blog archives.

 VanessaJulia and I are members of The Zine Squad, where we collaborate with other artists to create little art journals to spread joy.

Zine theme: Elements


I love how this one turned out.

The cover. I added the ferns, and a few of the swirly flames.


My page spread with my fire girl.I tried to make her look like she is a glowing ember. Think it worked?


I added the image & the art on the right page flap above. I think the rest of the page is by Vanessa.


I loved Jules Pocahontas page on the right, so I used more of the lyrics on my collage on the left.


The only thing I added to the page above was the round sticker by Elly Mack.


My galaxy/wave page on the left above.


I simply added a couple of crystals to Divyam’s page above on the right.


I added a mountain collage to the left page and worked on top of the gelli print on the right page.


The plant/vine is another fun sticker by Elly.


My last page + the sign off page. I really love how my Anemoi (wind gods) page turned out.

The wolf sticker I added to the sign off page is by GraceMereWoods. Apparently I was all about the stickers in this zine!

I love collaborating on art journals like this!

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