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Book Review: Lettering with Purpose by Brittany Luiz

Book Review: Lettering with Purpose by Brittany Luiz

Lettering With Purpose

Hey y’all! Today I am sharing a review of the book Lettering With Purpose by Brittany Luiz. First, let’s start with a little bit about the book from the publisher:

Lettering with Purpose is a beautiful and thoughtful book for anyone interested in developing their own artistic alphabet. Whether you’re hoping to personalize greeting cards, or just enjoy the art, hand lettering is an uplifting and compelling craft to learn. Aspiring artists and lettering enthusiasts will explore and deepen their understanding of this art form by delving into a variety of lettering techniques. You will also enjoy 100 reflective lettering prompts to spur the imagination and help readers answer the question: “What should I write?” Your lettering journey will begin with lettering basics. This intuitive guide includes suggested tools and materials, the anatomy of letters, how to pair different lettering styles, and thorough tutorials on working with a variety of mediums. You’ll be creating striking layouts and compositions in no time.


Brittany is a friend of mine and my number one inspiration for Hand Lettering. I was super excited when I saw that she was writing a book because I admire Brittany’s work so much.

Just look at all of the beautiful lettering she posts on her instagram.


Brittany’s book, Lettering with Purpose, covers basically everything you want to know about hand lettering. It starts you out with lettering basics, suggested tools, and lettering styles.


After you get the basics, there are chapters on ligatures, embellishments and flourishes, which is what I struggle with, and so I was extremely happy to read through Brittany’s tips on this.


The book includes a ton of fun embellishing ideas (think galaxy lettering, tie-dye lettering, floral letters, etc!) and start-to-finish art tutorials, such as the lettering mosaics that Brittany is famous for.

I tried my hand at this type of lettering following the tutorial in the book. I still need a little practice, but here are my results:


Besides all of the fantastic tutorial included in the book, there are also 100 prompts to get you started. If you have a creative block, these are perfect. It’s always hard to know what to write/come up with something creative so these prompts are super handy for jump starting your imagination.


This isn’t a book that just shows you pretty examples- Brittany is a fantastic teacher, and she shows you so many techniques that will make you want to grab your lettering supplies right away!

I have nothing but good things to say about Lettering with Purpose! You can grab a copy of Lettering with Purpose here. Learn more about Brittany Luiz here.

— *I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a review, however all opinions are my own.

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