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30 Days of Lists- Days 1-15

30 Days of Lists- Days 1-15

30 Days of Lists is a semi-annual journaling challenge, created by Kam and Amy. You can learn more about the 30 Lists challenge here.


I have been participating on and off in the challenge since way back in 2011 and I always enjoy it You can see my previous books here. I usually make my own mini books to do the challenge in, however this time I bought one from Vanessa’s Fancy. When I saw the moon paper on the cover of this journal I just had to have it!


Since we’re now halfway through the March challenge so I’m sharing my first 15 pages here with y’all!


I always tend to keep these mini books pretty simple so that they’re easy to do one every day. I’m using pocket page cards for most of the journaling, but I’ve also created some journaling strips using *Tombow’s MONO Air Correction Tape. (affiliate link)

This challenge is also great for using up my number stickers, which I never use for any other projects. I’ll use up all of the letters on a sheet and have nothing but numbers left. 😉

I’ll share the rest of my pages at the end of the month!

*I am an affiliate for Tombow. This post might include some affiliate links. If you purchase using them, I might get a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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