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A Lovely Layers/Frida Art Journal Zine

A Lovely Layers/Frida Art Journal Zine

Today I have another art journal zine to share, I love doing these! It’s fun to have a miniature art journal done in one theme. You can find the previous zines I’ve participated in my blog archives.

 VanessaJulia and I are members of The Zine Squad, where we collaborate with other artists to create little art journals to spread joy.

Zine theme: Lovely Layers

It started out as a “Lovely Layers” themed zine, but it quickly ended up with a secondary theme of Frida Kahlo, and you will see Frida showing her face on many of the zine pages.


The cover above. I added on the stamps and title.


My first page on the left (with Holly or Vanessa’s on the right?). I wanted to bring out the layers theme by layering multiple neutral colored papers and ephemera. I wanted to add a little more depth to the page, so I grabbed a ruler and drew on all of those lines. 🙂


Vanessa created the page on the left, and the page on the right already had a few strip of washi tape on it when it got to me, however I added more layers of tape to it, as well as the quote and the watercolors on the flap.


Julia’s page above, however I added that vellum circle to the right.


Holly’s page on the left, and my page on the right. I copied a painting of Frida I did in my sketchbook because I knew she would be right at home here in this zine. The background is made up of high flow acrylics and washi tape.


My last page in the zine and our sign off page. I have to have a galaxy page!! 😉


Being the last person to have the zine is always the best, in my opinion because it means I get to see (and alter) everyone’s pages! I added multiple page tabs to the tops of the pages, and cut out circles from the pages as well.

Why did I chop up everyone’s pages? While I did feel the slightest bit bad at cutting holes in their art, this is a “layers” themed zine and I loved the look of being able to see through the circles and into the next pages.


I love collaborating on art journals like this!

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