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An Accordion Art Journal Collab

An Accordion Art Journal Collab

Today I’ve got another art collaboration to share with you guys!

Back at the end of the Summer, my friend Misty and I decided we wanted to collab on a couple of accordion art journals.

We each built the base for each others journals and added some background layers to the pages before mailing them to each other to be added to more.

We swapped them back and forth a couple of times, adding more layers to them.


It was really quite fun to swap them multiple times, it sort of layered our styles.


I built the base of the foiled journal, which ended up being nature themed, and Misty built the blue journal which is space themed.


I think it’s so fun to see them side by side, I took these photos right before I mailed Misty’s journal to her for the last time. I was tempted just to keep them both!


Misty added a bit more to her journal after I took these photos, so you should go hop over to her blog and take a look!


I see more collaborations in our future. 🙂

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