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Book Review- 500 Tangled Artworks

Book Review- 500 Tangled Artworks

I received a copy of 500 Tangled Artworks: A Showcase of Inspired Illustrated Designs by Beckah Krahula to review (Thanks Quarto Publishing!). You may or may not know it, but I love zentangling. I first discovered it about 4 years ago at the Great American Scrapbook Convention and I really enjoy just doodling all of the fun patterns.

I actually own another of Beckah Krahula’s books, One Zentangle a Day as well as her Tangle Art zentangle kit.

To start off this review, here’s a little bit about Beckah’s new book:

“Become inspired by this vast collection of meditative drawing tiles known as tangles! 500 Tangled Art Works, curated by Beckah Krahula, author of the bestselling book, One Zentangle a Day, is the first book to feature a large and wide-ranging collection of exciting, beautiful, and experimental drawings. Tangles, a one to four stroke repetitive pattern used in a meditative art form called Zentangle(TM), are showing up all over the world in drawings, paintings, and many forms of mixed media art. With an introduction and history of this zen art form, 500 Tangled Art Works shares basic techniques, and features a cutting edge collection of the latest and greatest drawing from this contemporary movement. After seeing this amazing assortment of art, it will be easier than ever to start tangling on your own!”

If you’re looking for a “how to” type book, to teach you how to zen tangle, this isn’t it. You should consider Beckah’s One Zentangle a Day book, which shows you how to do a different zentangle pattern every day.

This book is jam packed full of inspiring art!

It does have a nice introduction and the step outs for 4 beginner tangle patterns as well as a written tutorial for making a zentangle tile.

The first chapter is full of examples of the classic zentangle tile, a 3.5″ tile in achromatic colors. The second chapter has larger tangles rather than the simple squares also in achromatic colors.

The third chapter is a favorite, it has ZIA- Zentangle Inspired Art. Which means zen tangle patterns, but not necessarily on a tile and these also have color, which I love.

Chapter four has Mixed Media ZIA’s. A lot like chapter 3, only with more media, not just ink and paper. These are such an inspiration.

Chapter 5 is all about fiber ZIA’s. Think quilting and sewing combined with zentangling. I want to try some of this,

The last chapter (five) is about ZIA’s in sculpture. These are really neat, Tangles take on a 3d form with clay, restyled decor and unique art.


The book also contains an artist directory in the back, so if you see a tangle or an artist you especially love, you can see if they have a website and check out more of their work. Of course, ALL of the artists featured in this book are extremely talented!

I may be biased, as I already loved zentangles, but if you pick up this book I promise you’ll find a new love in tangling!

You can find out more about 500 Tangled Artworks: A Showcase of Inspired Illustrated Designs by Beckah Krahula here.

*I was compensated for this post with a copy of the book, but opinions are my own!

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