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Coloring Book Review- The Coloring Notebook

Coloring Book Review- The Coloring Notebook

Hey friends, today I’m sharing a review of the Coloring Notebook. Have you heard of it? Lets start this post off with a small blurb about it from the publisher.

Coloring books for adults has become a massive trend with millions of fans all around the world. Yet, most books are pretty uncomfortable to carry around. They are big and occupy too much space inside your bag. But what if your favorite coloring book would always be at hand? Right inside your notebook that you always carry around!
We are introducing the Coloring Notebook ‐ a classy paper notebook with awesome coloring pages for adults. The coloring notebook is a winning combo of a stylish paper notebook and a coloring book. It has a hardcover with a nice leather feeling, quality acid‐free paper, smart dimensions and is flat opened. The notebook is exclusively designed for writings, thoughts and passing notes as well as provides hours of stress relief and mental relaxation with coloring pages.

Now, I absolutely love the idea of a coloring notebook. I use a notebook to write down my to-do lists everyday and the idea of combining it with coloring pages? Yes please!


It’s small for a coloring book at 5.83 x 8.27 inches. But it can fit inside most bags, which is certainly nice! I’ve been testing it out, coloring with my favorite Irojiten colored pencils (by Tombow), while watching TV and also using the notebook pages to write out my lists.

The Coloring Notebook has over 50 unique designs for coloring as well as 176 notebook pages spread throughout the book. The copy I have has lined notebook pages, but they also offer the notebook in 3 paper options ‐ blank, ruled or dot grid.


Artists from around the world contributed to the coloring designs, which I think is really neat. I love supporting other artists.

A lot of the designs are more complicated than I usually like to color. I prefer simpler adult coloring pages. That sweet spot between kid pages and crazy zentangled pages, you know? Still, there are some really fun designs in this notebook.


This is actually pretty handy. I took it camping with me last weekend to color in, but then I also could use it when I needed something to write in and I didn’t have to pack a separate notebook!

You can find out more and learn how to purchase the Coloring Notebook here.

Have you heard of this fun coloring book yet? What do you think? *I received a copy of this notebook as a compensation for this review, but all opinions are my own.

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