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DIY Resist Background Using Tombow’s MONO Glue Pen

DIY Resist Background Using Tombow’s MONO Glue Pen

(note: this blog post includes affiliate links)

Hey guys, today I’ve got an art journal page to show and I wanted to share a fun technique using a favorite new product of mine!

The product: Tombow’s MONO Glue Pen (affiliate link)

The Technique: Watercolor Resist


The MONO glue pen is really neat, it’s basically just as it sounds- a pen that writes with adhesive. As one of their brand ambassadors, Tombow recently sent me this pen to try out, and I’ve been having lots of fun with it.

You can obviously use it as glue, to adhere small or intricate cut pieces of paper down, but I’m sharing a different use for it- using it as a resist medium.


To create a resist with the MONO Glue Pen, all you have to do is draw, scribble or write using your pen on paper and let the adhesive dry completely. It doesn’t take too long, I just left it alone for a couple of minutes.


On my art journal page, I had actually sketched out the hand with Dual Brush Pens, and then I wrote around it using the MONO Glue Pen. I wrote things like “I am an artist” and “I love art”.

Once the glue is dry, just paint over it with watercolors, or another water based medium. I actually scribbled Dual Brush Pens onto a blending palette and picked up the color with a wet brush.


I finished this page by dabbing paint on to my hand doodle, because artists always have paint on their hands, right? I certainly do.


I also have one more cool technique to share using this pen! You can use it with glitter! Just think- glitter doodles, glitter lettering, etc! Here is a quick card I made with this idea-


I definitely see the MONO Glue Pen getting used in my studio a lot, especially in my art journal.

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