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DIY Wood Slice Table Runner for the Holidays

DIY Wood Slice Table Runner for the Holidays

Guys, I am super excited about today’s project! It turned out just as I was imagining, which is always good, yes? 🙂


What is it? A DIY Wood Slice Table Runner.

I used a bunch of Walnut Hollow‘s awesome Basswood Country Round® Ornament/Coasters to create this table runner. The coolest thing (in my opinion) is that it is reversible! I painted Autumn leaves on to one side and Christmas designs on the other.


I’m not set when it comes to table decor for the holidays!

As I mentioned, I used wood slices from Walnut Hollow and I used some of my favorite acrylic paints to paint on the designs.

You can find the complete tutorial over on the Walnut Hollow blog here.


Do you like Fall or Winter better? It’s a really really hard choice for me, but I’m leaning towards Fall.

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