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Get Messy Season of Contrast

Get Messy Season of Contrast

In this blog post I'm rounding up some of my favorite pages from my art journal that I created during Get Messy's season of contrast.

Get Messy Art Journal is an art journaling program that is a school, art playground and family. We are a group of like minded art journalers who have come together under this art form to learn, share, practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. Our community values consistent creating, encouragement and suppport and trying new things. We would love to have you join us as a member of Get Messy Art Journal.


For this season I’m working in a coptic bound journal I made. My friend Vanessa recently launched a Basic Bookbinding class so I used it to brush up on some of my book binding skills.

Week 1:

This week I have also been working in a traveling art journal and a collab so I only did 2 pages in my contrast journal, but I love them both.

I actually wasn’t sure if I would really like the contrast theme until it got started and now I’m warming up to the idea. 🙂


For my first contrast page I adhered one of my girl drawings (altered to have black and white hair) onto a transparency and taped it into the journal so it flips back and forth.


My second page is inspired by another Get Messy class that my friend Tanyalee launched- Messy Pages. Tanyalee has a really awesome/messy style that she shows you how to achieve and so I attempted it on this page.



Week 2:

My pages this week were all inspired by other Get Messians!

This first page is actually one I started last week. I had made the background with gelli prints and then spray paint over top. This week I used it as my base for some intuitive painting (following Riet’s tutorial).


My next page is inspired by both Amy Maricle and Elly Mack. They’re both so good at doing repetitive lines and marks, and I tried to do some of that on this page.



My next page is inspired by both Amy Maricle and Elly Mack. They’re both so good at doing repetitive lines and marks, and I tried to do some of that on this page.

Week 3:

This was my week to share a tutorial as a part of the GM creative team, so if you’re a Get Messy member, I shared a tutorial on masking and resist mediums.


My first page is the one I used as an example in my masking tutorial. I really love this one.


My second page is inspired by the animal world. I reused some art from my sketchbook because I do like this cheetah that I had painted.


And my last page for the week. I had made a bunch of new gelli prints last week so I used one of them here. I think it looks like a tree stump/rings, or atleast it did before I covered up parts of it.


My pages are all quite different this week, which is interesting. Sometimes I get stuck on one color scheme or medium.



Week 4:

It’s already week 4 of the current GMAJ season! I’m actually on vacation right now, so I made these pages ahead of time ( yay for getting the prompts in advance!).

I love the quote on this first one. I’ve used it on multiple pages because it’s so true for me. I also used a selfie, that I altered a bit to have 2 contrasting colors.


My second page for the week- I feel like I'm always drawing faces so sometimes I like to mix it up and draw someone from behind.

Week 5 & 6:

 I’ve got 2 pages to share this week, and while I’ve been making it a goal to try and journal more in my journal (not just paper and paint), neither page has any words this week. Oh well.


My first page is inspired by two of my favorite things: Earth and Space. Is it weird to love two things which are extremely contrasting? I feel so at home in nature, but I dream of space.

The two photos are from National Geographic, and then I added doodles over top of them.


My thought for this page was simply “what if everyone had wings”. So I re-used a drawing from my sketchbook and painted wings over top. One of my favorite book series as a pre-teen was about a girl with wings. 🙂

 That's it for the Season of Contrast!

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