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20+ Art Journal Galaxies to Inspire

20+ Art Journal Galaxies to Inspire

If you’ve ever looked at my art journals then you may have noticed a certain theme that reoccurs throughout. SPACE! I find outer space to be so magical and inspiring, and I also just love painting galaxies so I do that a lot in my art.


If you want a bit of inspiration for doing the same, I’ve rounded up a bunch of my pages here for you to enjoy. I am also sharing a few tips + ideas.


Try using photos with your galaxies.


Moons and planets. Print out pictures of them or paint them!


Use pre-printed photos of space if you don’t want to paint it! All images from the Hubble are free. Another great places to find space pictures are national geographic magazines.


Watercolor galaxies! My favorite!


As you can tell, I’m obsessed. But there are worse things to be obsessed over, right?


Have you noticed any trends throughout your journal?

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