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A Pink Moon Journal

A Pink Moon Journal
I made this moon journal months ago. I loved how it turned out, but for some reason is just got pushed aside on my desk and I am just now sharing it.

I had checked out the book Bound by Erica Ekrem from my library. It has over 20 book binding tutorials and ideas, including a moon shaped journal! The moon journal Erica shared in her book inspired me to do my own.

I photoshopped a picture of a moon to be pink. Because, why not? After that I printed it out and used it for my cover.


Now, cutting all of the pages into circles wasn’t really fun, but it was worth it, in the end. I used a variety of papers- mostly white, some space themed. I separated the signatures with hot pink and black papers, so that they would show on the binding.


As I mentioned, I haven’t done much in the journal since then. I think I’ve just been subconsciously saving it for the right things. I don’t know.

What shape/theme would you do a journal in?

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