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Book Review- Handmade Christmas

Book Review- Handmade Christmas

You may be thinking it is too early for Christmas posts, but in reality, there aren’t that many weeks left until the holidays start and we all get into the Christmas spirit! Who doesn’t love a good Christmas craft, right?

Which is why today I am reviewing the new book, Handmade Christmas, by CICO Books!

Here is a blurb about it by the published:

Save money and have fun with this beautiful collection of Christmas makes. Split into three chapters covering a wide range of different crafting techniques, Handmade Christmas will show you how to perfect your card making, embroidery skills, and sugar craft with projects from different festive cultures and traditions. Start with Decorations, where you will find delightful ideas such as a traditional advent calendar and colorful embroidered Christmas stockings, as well as tin candle holders that will glimmer and shine. Then move on to Cards and Gift Wrap, which includes inspired ways to present your thoughtful gifts. Learn how to make goody bags and labels in the shape of gingerbread men, or get the kids involved with making the potato print star gift-wrap! And lastly, Handmade Gifts has something to please everyone. With tasty edible treats such as button bites, chocolate coins, and traditional German lebkuchen, you will be the envy of every household. Every project comes with clear step-by-step instructions and illustrations, requires no specialist equipment, and many can be made in an afternoon, so you can get started right away!

I feel like it is hard to have a bad Christmas craft book, I love almost all of them. My mom used to do Crafts with my Sister and I every year, making ornaments and cookies, and such, so Christmas crafts always have a special place in my heart.

Handmade Christmas has over 35 step-by-step projects, and 128 pages.

There is a mix of old and new projects in this book, some crafts (jolly rancher cookies) I have known forever, but of course that doesn’t mean everyone has seen them. And other project ideas were completely new to me!

I do love the bright step-by-step photos included.

I just absolutely love the button cookies pictured above, and the stuffed “gingerbread house”!

I will definitely be adding this book to my Christmas stash, and making some of the projects for decorations this year! Do you have a collection of Christmas crafting books you pull out every year?

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