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How to Make A Mini Album Scrapbook – Mini Albums 101

How to Make A Mini Album Scrapbook – Mini Albums 101

As a scrapbooker, I think I’d have to say that one of my most favorite things to make is a mini album! I love using travel photos and making a small album to document the whole trip, rather than having 10+ 12″x12″ layouts. I know everyone doesn’t feel the same way, but I love them.

If you’ve never made a mini album before, I think you should give them a try!

I’m putting this blog post together for anyone wanting to put together a mini album for the first time, or anyone who just wants a bit of mini album inspiration!

Mini Albums don’t have to be one specific size. Personally, I think that as long as they are smaller than about 10″ they can be considered a mini album.


Choosing the Mini Album base:

If you want really simple, I want to suggest starting with a pre-made album! We R Memory Keeps has some really great 4×4″ albums.

If you want to bind your own mini album, here are a few easy ways to do just that:

  1. Binder Rings – just punch holes in your pages and secure them with 1 or more binder rings!

  2. Spiral Binding– The easiest way to do this is with a machine, like a Cinch or a Bind-it-all. They’re a small investment but worth it if you plan to use them a lot to make scrapbook albums or journals.

  3. Pamphlet Stitch– This is a simple way to bind together a stack of folded papers.


Choosing Photos:

I love making mini albums with event photos, like a camping trip, or a trip to a museum, etc. There is no rule book saying what photos you can or can’t use, however I like to keep the photos themed. Even if it’s not an event, try photos of pets, of your friends and family, instagram photos, etc.



Choosing Paper and Embellishments:

If you’ve done any scrapbooking, you know how to do this! The only difference between choosing embellishments for mini’s instead of layouts is the size. So don’t choose stickers or diecuts bigger than your pages.

For papers, I like to have matching themes throughout the album, so I love using 6×6″ paper pads! They’re a great size and have coordinating papers.

Other Tips:

When you’re putting the mini album together, try working one step at a time. Rather than doing one page and then moving on to the next, I do them all at once. For instance, I choose which photo goes with each paper, add on a mat to each one, add washi tape to each page and then go in and add stickers to them all, and then journaling.


Try putting a kit together so that it’s quick and easy to put together without needing to look for “just the right” embellishment of paper.


Search Pinterest! When I’m looking for mini ideas, I hit pinterest. You can see my Mini Album board here.




Do you have a collection of mini albums you have made or are you making your first one? If so, I hope you found this post helpful! Share a picture of your latest mini album with me on social media!

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