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Coloring Book Review- Color Yourself To Happiness

Coloring Book Review- Color Yourself To Happiness

Hey friends, today I’m sharing a review of the coloring book “Color Yourself to Happiness” by Clare Youngs.

What? A review on a coloring book? Yes! Why not? I love coloring and with adult coloring being so huge I thought it might be fun to tell you about the books I like!


From the publisher:

Color your way to a happy state of mind with this anti-stress adult coloring book of gorgeously detailed illustrations hand-drawn by designer and author Clare Youngs. Enter a whimsical world, inspired by nature, through coloring in these stunning artworks by Clare Youngs. Intricately detailed, each one is drawn by hand, featuring exquisite drawings of leaves, flowers, birds, insects, and woodland creatures, such as owls, bears, mice, and deer. Coloring is a form of art therapy: when you focus on every detail, from choosing colors to coloring in each area with care, it allows you to relax and become oblivious to the stresses and strains of everyday living. Plus, completing each page brings a great sense of achievement and joy.

Coloring always makes me happy, so this book easily succeeded in that aspect. The designs in the book are whimsical and fun with a theme of nature and animals. Clare has a lovely style that translates wonderfully into coloring pages.


I’m currently traveling it is one of the books I brought with me, along with some colored pencils.

My only real dislike about the book is the spine. After just a couple of times coloring in it, the orange cover on the spine cracked open. The pages are still all stitched together so it’s nowhere near falling apart, however it looks well used now.

Even with the spine problem, I am definitely recommending this book, as the designs are beautiful but not too hard and I like the quality of the paper they are printed on.

You can purchase a copy of this book on Amazon here: Color Yourself to Happiness by Clare Youngs.

What types of designs to you like to color? I’m partial to animals and mandala type designs.

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